The Al Lowe Award for Jerk of the Month
in Michigan goes to....
Mike Duggan, Wayne County Prosecutor!!!

"Why?" You ask? That's easy. Ever since the first of the year, after Gov. Engler signed into law, Public Act 381, making Michigan one of a growing number of "Shall Issue" CCW states, Mr. Duggan has made it his mission to see that law over turned. Even at the expense of the TRUTH!!

Let me point out just ONE of his erroneous statements on the NOT SO aptly named "" web site.(Warning, this link now takes you to Gun Owners of America's Website. No, I didn't modify the link, they now own the domain name,!)

*People with severe depression or other mental illness will have ready access to guns. All they need to do is check a box stating that they are not mentally ill.
HELLO!!!! To steal a line from Weakest Link, I think there's a village looking for it's Idiot, hurry up and get back there Mr. Duggan.

FYI, The mentally ill can do that NOW!!! Duh!!! Hasn't it occured to you Mr. Duggan, if a mentally ill person wants to carry a concealed weapon, they're not likely to care if they are doing it legally.

In case you didn't know, there are people who carry concealed ILLEGALLY all the time... OOPS, I let it out of the bag!!! Darn, and to think, if I hadn't said anything, the law-abiding people of this state wouldn't know that other people go around breaking the law by carrying a gun. (sheesh, give me a break!)

And then there's his statement about "skyrocketing crime".

*Violent crimes like murder, rape and robbery will skyrocket. In Texas, more than 3000 crimes were committed by people with CCW permits in the four years after the state passed it's CCW law
THAT is absolutely wrong Mr. Duggan. The correct statement is that a little more than 3000 permit holders were ARRESTED and/or charged with violating a crime. THAT is not the same as a crime being committed. Whatever happened to the so-called presumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty? Oh, duh! Hit me with a clue by four. I forgot, you're a COUNTY PROSECUTOR. That means if they're arrested, they MUST be guilty.

I don't suppose you bothered to find out how many of those 3000+ people arrested were later released and the charges dismissed? No, I didn't think so. Well keep watching this space. I will have those numbers before too long. As well as the numbers of crimes REPORTED for the 4 years prior to the CCW law, and then compared to the 4 years AFTER the CCW law took effect.

How much do YOU want to bet that it will show a DECREASE in crime??

I have some of the numbers on Texas crime now. In the mean time I've discovered that of the so-called 3000+ crimes commited by CCW license holders in the State of Texas, ONLY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT (178) lost their license to carry a concealed firearm. Of that number only THREE (3) have gone to jail for murder or attempted murder. That is out of 215,582. THAT is less than 1 10th of of ONE percent!!! For those of you who can't calculate, 1 10th of 1% of 215,582 is 215.582.

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