MCRGO, heed thine own words!!

In the latest bimonthly issue of "On Target," on page 26, Mr. Dale Shantz ended his column, "President's Parting Shot" with a paragraph that contained the following sentences:

....Spread the word.  Talk to friends.  Ask tough questions of local politicians.....

Why is it, MCRGO expects you and I to ask tough questions of politicians, yet the leadership of MCRGO themselves balk at answering tough questions from the membership??  What good will it do us to ask tough questions of the politicians when MCRGO won't answer them? 

I got some questions for you.

Why have 5 members of the Board of Directors RESIGNED???

Why is MCRGO trying to eject a 6th member of the Board of Directors???

Why is it that the Board of Directors are not allowed to do their jobs correctly?

Why did MCRGO cancel the open directors meeting?  (And don't give us that cock and bull story about threats to members of the BoD.  We KNOW that there were no threats against the BoD, unless you perceive as a threat, the questions that would have been asked of the Board.)

Why does MCRGO let the prejudices of ONE board member govern who will or will not be appointed to County Chapter Chair, or any other appointed position within MCRGO?

I suppose that my criticism of MCRGO will be seen as "evil" by certain members of MCRGO leadership.  My only criticism is that the leadership hides from the members behind lies and innuendo.  I want answers.  And I know that other members want answers to questions that we have.

I want to see a strong, vibrant MCRGO.  So far all I see is a shadow.

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And don't forget to look at Concerned Activists for Reform and Ethics (CARE).

What do you think?  Email me at with your questions or comments.

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Created: April 30, 2004
Last updated: November 1, 2006
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